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Me is Justine and I would like to talk to you about Alhena, strong in the values that I am keen to share with  you.

While I first worked 5 years as a management assistant after obtaining a management license and then 1 year in a large recruitment company, I decided to leave everything to go around the world and discover different cultures, languages, traditions, universes ...

I left alone with my backpack in Australia without speaking a single word of English, my goal was to learn English but also to open my mind. During this long journey which will have lasted several years I then understood what I wanted to do, to become a jewelry designer.

I took several trainings to learn the different creative techniques in India, Indonesia and also in France.

And Alhena jewelry was born ...

Indeed, I work with ever more beautiful and quality materials that I choose with care. Through my travels, I have been able to create relationships of trust with my partners, in fact my semi-precious stones come from Asia and my 925 silver mainly from Asia, France and Italy.

I can say that we have chosen each other because we share the same values, with respect for nature. I use quality and natural materials for the creation of my jewelry.

I spend a lot of time making my jewelry. Indeed I want them to be perfect for you. What I like is being able to share a little of me with you.   

A final word ... see you soon

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